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Grass Cutting and Lawn Care -  A perfectly maintained lawn is a thing of beauty.

Neat green stripes, dense healthy grass, trimmed at the perfect height is easy to achieve with the correct knowledge, equipment, timing, skills and expertise, something that we have in abundance.

Mowing - Knowing how frequently to mow, and to correct height will greatly improve your lawn.

At Smith Grayson we have lawn mowers to suit all types of areas and ground cover. Whether you have a large sports pitch or paddock that requires tractor mowing, or neatly manicured lawns that need a sharper finish with a cut and collect machine, we have the kit to suit every eventuality. Our years of mowing experience mean that we have invested in the most reliable and robust machines that give the best finish, along with most time and cost effective solution.

Weedkillers and fertilisers - A healthy lawn is the best defence against garden weeds

There are several variables to consider when applying gardening products to your lawn. These are mainly location, weed type, grass type and condition of the soil. 

Knowing what products to apply to your lawn and when to apply them is key. At Smith Grayson we have tried most lawn-care treatments on the market over the years and understand the importance of keeping things as natural as possible, so we only use the best organic, environmentally friendly lawn treatments. 

We are confident that we use top best quality natural products that give amazing results on lawns and grass to improve their appearance and give finish to make our clients proud of their green spaces.

Pest Control  

From time to time, particularly in the autumn months, your healthy lawn can fall victim to an insect infestation of chafer grubs or leatherjackets. These two common species of garden pests can wreak havoc on your lawn by attacking the grass root or encouraging predators such as birds, badgers, and foxes to dig for grubs. This isn’t uncommon or abnormal, which is why we at Smith Grayson have specialist natural biological treatments to tackle the problem. We offer a range of specialist lawn insecticide treatments that can help eradicate lawn pests and insects.