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Hedge Cutting Service

Hedge Cutting Service

Reshaping, pruning, and assessing your hedge are important parts of keeping it healthy and long-lived. Some hedges such as conifers (with the exception of yew) will not reshoot from old wood so will need special care. For instance, if too much green growth is cut the hedge may thin and be unable to grow back. 

When reducing or trimming a hedge, it's crucial to cut just the right amount and this often requires training and experience.

The Benefits of Hedge Cutting:

  • Keeps hedges looking tidy and smart. Makes your hedges eye-catching for the right reasons and gives a great impression to visitors.
  • Gives you privacy and creates an attractive barrier between houses. This allows you peace and ensures you can make the most of your garden without being overlooked.
  • Keeps hedges in line with boundaries thus solving any problems with neighbours. Over-running hedges can be annoying for neighbours and hedge work keeps relationships good and boundaries tidy.
  • Keeps hedges in good health and helps to extend their lifespan. Hedge work allows border plants to grow dense and healthy. This means they can live for decades and continue to flourish.
  • Can reshape hedges to suit their environment. This allows hedges to not only look great, but also serve their purpose perfectly; be it creating privacy, marking a boundary or lining a labyrinth!
  • Performed by professionals who ensure that the hedge is trimmed back without damaging its ability to grow. Hedges can be fickle and fragile, with harsh cutting spelling catastrophe. Professional hedge work means in-depth understanding of the species, needs and grow ability.
  • Cares for your investment; hedges can be very valuable. Maintaining hedges is very cost-effective as they can take years to grow and are difficult and expensive to replace.