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What is moss?
Moss is a tiny non-flowering plant which, for most, is the worst of all lawn troubles. It is important to realise that moss is a symptom and not a primary cause of a run down lawn, this means that treating moss directly with moss killer isn’t enough. The only way to ensure a moss free lawn is to find the cause and deal with it. Failure to manage the cause or causes of moss growth will result in the moss returning on a regular basis. Moss will develop in areas of your lawn that are in poor health, this could be due to a number of reasons such as:

The causes of moss in a lawn:

Lawn care factors

- Compaction
- Thatch
- Mowing too low
-Infrequent mowing
-Not following the 1/3 rule when mowing
-Not removing leaves in the autumn
-Underfeeding or poor use of fertilisers

Environmental factors

-Dry, acidic soil
-Clay soil or poor drainage
-Damp, warm evenings
-Heavy dew

Moss removal
Once the cause or causes of the moss have been identified a moss eradication programme needs to be set in place to ensure that the moss will not return once it is removed. There are two removal options:

Scarifying: To mechanically remove moss and thatch from lawns

Chemical Lawn Treatments: To apply an organic-mineral fertiliser to break down moss and organic matter into nutrients, whilst feeding the lawn to reduce mossy areas and encourage grass re-growth.

We can also remove moss from all hardstanding areas, such as carparks, paths, walkways, and driveways and patios.