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Weed Spraying and Removal

One of the our customers biggest issues in their gardens is the management of weeds, whether in lawns, beds, borders, or on footpaths and hard standing areas. Not only are weeds unsightly but unchecked they can cause damage through encroachment and cause surface break up. This can be expensive to repair and can present a risk to the public from tripping on cracked and raised surfaces.

Weed control forms an important service within a grounds maintenance programme, and for many customers, a combination of spot spraying and hand weeding will provide the best option.

Weeds are removed manually when they are in close proximity to planting, ponds or aquatic plants - this is the only option to ensure that nearby plants or fish are not harmed. In other areas it maybe appropriate to apply systemic herbicide to kill growing weeds through absorption.

Our team are trained and hold the correct type of licence to handle, store and use herbicide chemicals. All our staff who carryout weed spraying are fully trained and hold the appropriate licences; PA1 & PA6.

Japanese Knotweed Treatment

We are also able to offer specialist removal of Japanese Knotweed.  This invasive, fast-growing, non-native plant can grow up to one metre per month and grow through walls, tarmac and concrete. Here are some very valid reasons to begin removal of this dangerous plant as soon as possible:


  • It can decrease your property value significantly.
  • If it spreads too neighbouring property, you may be prosecuted.
  • Treatment can take 3 years, so it’s worth starting the removal process now!
  • It suppresses all other growth around it, effectively choking other plants.
  • The longer it’s left, the more rampant Japanese Knotweed will become.


Japanese knotweed needs specialist treatment as it is classed as controlled waste. Digging it out won’t solve the problem as the roots (rhizomes) can grow 3 metres deep. It is also an offence to dispose of knotweed and the contaminated soil in your garden waste or household waste bin.


We can offer a cost effective programme of treatment to eradicate your Japanese Knotweed.